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2013 VACs & NSWACs

National Aeropress Championships


Due to popular demand and general mega love for Aeropress competition, the AACs have been split into the VACs and the NSWACs. Competitors from other states are of course welcome to enter either of the 2 competitions.

Firstly, the VACs :

Monday 20th May from 5pm at Market Lane : Prahran Market

“We’re very excited to be hosting this brewing competition in the lead-up to this year’s World Coffee Event. All coffee lovers are invited to come along – whether you’re a barista or a cafe customer, whether you want to step up and compete, or hang out and watch the aficionados do their thing.

If you’re a spectator: there will be lots of lovely coffee people to chat with, and food and beer available for a gold coin donation.

If you’re an Aeropresser: there are 18 competitor spots available. Entry is free on a first come, first served basis – with a maximum of two competitors per organisation. To enter, please email and we’ll get back to you with details of the judges and the coffees to be used.

And if you’ve never heard of an Aeropress before: check out this handy video!

The top two competitors will go through to the Australian Aeropress Competition. Exciting!

See you there/then! Okay? Okay.”


Secondly, the NSWACs :

Saturday 18th May from 4pm at Mecca Espresso Ultimo

“We are on the hunt for NSW’s greatest Aeropresser* to represent us at the impending World Aeropress Championships to be held in Melbourne at the end of May.

This is as straight forward as competitions come, brew an aeropress, put it up against a competitor (or 2 depending on # of entries) and a panel of judges will decide “blindly” which brew was best. If it was yours, you progress.

Entry will be $20 with the winner taking all the proceeds. The winner and runner-up will also gain automatic qualification for the World Aeropress Championships on the 24th of May.

So if you would like to enter please fill out this form:

Also you can email with any questions.”

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