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2013 WAC Recipes

World Aeropress Championships


Jeff Verellen’s winning recipe :

17 grams coffee ground 5.75 on the uber grinder, little courser than paper filter.

Rinsed normal filter, aeropress in regular position.

50 grams of water at 83c for the bloom.
Bloom for 40s. Nicely wet all grounds and lightly agitate holding the aeropress and shaking it abit around.

Very slowly add 215 grams of water at 79c for about 30 sec

Press very gently for about 30 seconds.

Leave about 50 gram slurry in the press and discard.

Put the rest of the brew in the gob.

Extra tips for supreme brew:

Picking beans, lights out, heavies in. Too big and weird, also out.

Use a cocktail pitcher to grind in and charge up static electricity so light particles stick to the walls, try to discard them.


Wille Yli-Luoma’s 2nd place recipe :

17 grams of coffee
240 water right of boil
2 min steep with 3 stirs.


Tibor Varaday’s 3rd place recipe :

Place 12g quite coarsely ground coffee into aeropress (set grind to taste),
pre-infuse with about 50g gramms of 90 degrees celsius water,
stir vigorously, 5 times,
add remaining water to a total of 200 gramms,
place cap on without stirring,
press out air while still in inverted position, until drops appear on top,
turn aeropress into a non-inverted position onto a pitcher, but do not press yet.
After two minutes of brew time have past, press gently using body weight, as the Aeropress allows.

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