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2014 Australian Aeropress Championship results

National Aeropress Championships




Huge congratulations to Dylan Johnson of Paramount Coffee Project in Sydney on his win in the Australian Aeropress Championships last night. Also, an equally huge congratulations to Eva Shao of Cup Coffee in Brisbane for her impressive 2nd place and finally the charismatic Sean McManus of Single Origin Roasters on his beer shower inducing 3rd place. We’ll have their recipes in a later post.

Massive thanks to the team behind Small Batch and Filter for ensuring such a great atmosphere in a really beautiful space – you’ve all been incredibly helpful. The MCing by Ryan Shelton and Jenni Bryant was fittingly amusing.  Music from Mark W. Free and Jordan Michelman of Sprudge was inspired. Thanks also to the tireless efforts of our 3 judges Andrew Kelly, Tim Styles and Russell Beard.

Thanks of course to all of you who made the event as fun as usual and to all the competitors for lugging their gear across the country to compete.

Now, thanks to Andrew Kelly’s generosity, Dylan will be headed to Rimini to compete in the World Aeropress Championships!

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