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2014 Malaysian AeroPress Championships

National Aeropress Championships


Baristas and home brewers gave it their all at the Malaysian National Aeropress Championship which took place at the Bee in Publika. The competition was an opportunity for baristas and home brewers to show off their skills and understand where they stood as professional coffee brewers.

Sixteen participants from all over the nation ranging from Penang to Johor participated in the event. Wan Amirul Haziq, 21 who lives in Subang Jaya was one of the participants at the competition. “I joined this competition because I know that coffee making is a form of art”, said the first time competitor. The competition consisted of four stages – qualifiers, quarter finals, semifinals and a final round, all of which each competitor was given eight minutes to prepare their coffee. “The competitors were required to bring their own equipment and coffee beans but it is up to the judges to decide the winning cup which has a perfectly balanced taste,” says Daniel Liew, Academic Director of Barista Guild Asia. One of the judges, Chiam Tow Jin, said that a balanced cup of coffee consists of equal levels of acidity, body, aroma and flavor.

Liew also said that the champion will be given a chance to show off their skills next year in April at the World Aeropress Championship which will be held in Seattle, USA. Barista Guild Asia started the Malaysian Aeropress Championship last year and it has been an annual event ever since. The organisation is a coffee training academy for those who have a strong passion for not only making but also consuming coffee. The championship was sponsored by Coffee: Nowhere, Auresso, MyEspresso and AeroPress.
– Julie TanKuala Lumpur (28 Sept 2014)

Congratulations to the top 3:

      1. Isaac Loh – The Brew Orchestra, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
      2. Joachim Leong – Spacebar Coffee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      3. Tan Keng Zhi – MyEspresso Cafe, Subang Jaya, Malaysia



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