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2014 NSW Aeropress Championships

National Aeropress Championships


The hunt for NSW’s greatest Aeropresser* to represent NSW at the impending Australian Aeropress Championships to be held in Melbourne in mid May.

The competition will be held at Mecca Utimo on Saturday 3rd May from 5pm.

For a fuller description you can check out the rules here and sign up to compete here.

Entry will be $30. The winner will gain automatic qualification for the Australian Aeropress Championships on Friday 16th of May and receive $500 to go towards their cost of getting there.

If your not up for competing but wanna see what its all about be sure to come along. If the excitement of Aeropress brewing isnt enough, our friends at Young Henry’s have kindly given us a keg so we can shout some beers to those that come down to watch.

Any questions please email

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