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2015 Australian Aeropress Championship – results

National Aeropress Championships Results



Well, this completes the Australian Aeropress Championship circuit for 2015. After 3 hotly contested state competitions in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland the generous folks a Mecca decided they’d have a go at hosting the nationals – and they didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere was electric and somewhat surreal with obscure mannequins and props used to further increase the wackiness of the Aeropress Championships.

Mecca’s new roastery and cafe was an ideal location for the AACs – a sunken “brewodrome” was the perfect setup for spectators to gawk at all the varied methods of Aeropress brewing. Sam Sgambellone had the epic task of putting together the intricate spider web of rounds ensuring advantages we allotted to those who came 1st or placed in their national competitions. Super computers in Palo Alto were required to calculate the rounds fairly.

Judging was considered and accurate. Paul Geshos of Mecca, Wendy de Jong of Single Origin and former Australian Aeropress Champion, Dylan Johnson of Paramount Coffee Project were the chosen 3. Head Judge, Tim Varney, was only required to step in for a single round – thankfully early, before the beer had muddled his tastebuds.

Eventually, a winner was established. Ben Richardson of Pablo and Rusty’s took out 1st place, with 2 votes against 1. Interestingly, in the State Winner round, Mac Dixon came out on top advancing him straight into the Grand Final – he was unable to duplicate his success in the final. Joseph Liu, a home barista and seasoned Aeropress Championship competitor, placed 2nd – proving his superior grasp of Aeropress brewing.

Next year promises to be an even bigger year for the Australian circuit, as whispers of more state competitions have been heard. For now, we congratulate Ben Richardson and wish him all the very bloody best in Seattle for the 2015 World Aeropress Championships.

2015 AACs

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