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2015 Australian Aeropress Championships

National Aeropress Championships


2015 Australian Aeropress Championships
Mecca Coffee Roasters / 26 Bourke Rd. Alexandria, 2015
Saturday 28th March from 5pm

Paul Geshos / Mecca Espresso
Wendy de Jong / Single Origin Coffee
Dylan Johnson / Paramount

Coffee :

MCs :
Tim Varney & Sam Sgambellone

Music :
Mark Free / Everyday Coffee, Melbourne

Poster design :
Aaron Maxwell / Everyday Coffee, Melbourne

Registration via :
Priority entry to the top 3 place getters in Victoria, NSW & Queensland from 5pm Monday 16th.
Fee waived for winners. State winners will skip the first round.

Entry for all others will open at 5pm on Wednesday 18th.

Winner : Flight to Seattle to compete in the WACs

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