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2015 Austrian Aeropress Championship

National Aeropress Championships

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The 2nd Austrian AeroPress Championships (no kangaroos) will be arranged Sunday March 15th in Vienna!
The venue will be the Ottakringer Brauerei (famous for the 2012 WBC Barista After Party).
There will be public cuppings and lots of coffee tastings for the crowds:
SCAE Austria has a booth with an espresso machine and amazing baristi
So far 24 nerds have signed up for the Competitions.
Judges come from Hamburg, Oslo, Vienna and Salzburg.
Bestbrew, the provider for AeroPress in this part of Europe has sponsored the ticket for the winner to Seattle in April.
We’ll have barrelloads of beer for a nice price, Irish Coffees from the baristi who are pissed there was no Coffee In Good Spirits in Austria this year and a DJ playing Mozart.

Things kick off  at 12:00, at “Goldfassl Magazin”, ottakringer platz 1

All this and more possible because these awesome sponsors like us (a lot):
Süssmund Rösterei’, Bestbrew, BWT, ‘Die Rösterin’, ‘Kaffee-Alchemie’, Ottakringer Brauerei’, ‘La Cultura de Caffé’, ‘Felix kaffee’ and Independent Cupping Vienna!
(Thanks to Klaus Triffich for an awesome poster!)

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