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2015 British Columbia Aeropress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


Date: March 28th
Location: Elysian Coffee 7th Avenue (2301 Ontario St.)
Time: 4pm doors (Free Entry)
Registration: Contact for automatic competition details and competitor registration.
1) George Giannakos, Revolver Coffee
2) Aaron Braun, Swiss Water Decaf
3) TBA
Head Judge: Chris Rodgers, Elysian Coffee
The competition coffee from Elysian Coffee Roasters will be announced soon..
Competitors will get sent one 12oz bag of coffee a week before the competition, for brew development. Competitors will also have access to a Bonavita Variable Temp Gooseneck Kettle, as well as a Mahlkonig EK 43.
Organisers: Elysian Coffee, Notch Coffee, Chef Annabelle Choi
Sponsors: Elysian Coffee, Notch Coffee, Revolver Coffee, Campagnolo Upstairs, Strike Movement, Meat & Bread, Union
Wood Co. Brassneck Brewery, Chef Annabelle Choi, Culver City Salads, The Pie Shoppe, Walrus Design Inc.
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