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2015 Canadian AeroPress Championship – results

National Aeropress Championships Results


The Canadian Aeropress Championship was a packed affair with 200 plus people, host by Phil & Sebastien Coffee Roasters. Spectators from the food and coffee industry joined together to cheer on friends and family, along with many people who had never seen an AeroPress in their life.

Amazing music by Kinfolk DJs all day long which came with a ton of dancing. Tubby Dog, a local hot dog vendor, served up tacos for us throughout the day. The sponsors came out to support the event as well, and it seemed as though everyone had a really fun time. Free beer from Tool Shed Brewing was flowing all day long.

Spectators who were knew to coffee were shocked by how exciting coffee competition is. The roastery was sardine tin full, making it difficult to move, but it only added to the atmosphere.

The head judge Josh Hockin felt the event was extremely well organized. The structure of the event was heats of 3 except for the heats of 2 due to our number of 30 competitors.

There were 30 competitors from across the country from Vancouver to Montreal, half home brewers and half baristas. This was a really interesting range and made for a memorable competition.

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