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2015 Danish Aeropress Championship results

National Aeropress Championships

The 2015 Danish Aeropress Championship results from Klaus Thomsen :

“The Danish Aeropress Championship was a great success. The winner was Hans Kristian Andersen. I really thought someone had pulled  a prank on me, when I read his name out loud on stage.”

1st place : Hans Kristian Andersen, Copenhagen Coffee Lab
  1. 16 g coffee
  2. Pretty coarse grind on EK43
  3. 1 filter
  4. 220 g water
  5. 2 minutes steep time. Stir after 1:35
  6. Push in approx 30 seconds
  7. Do something so things doesn’t get akward
  8. Pour very slow from a kalita server
  9. Take a trip to Seattle
2nd place : Jonas Christensen, Odense
  1. 17,2 g coffee
  2. Filter/medium grind on EK43
  3. Filter rinsed with water
  4. 50 g water at 85 degrees C
  5. 30 seconds bloom
  6. Stir 3 times
  7. 200 g water at 82 degrees C
  8. 30 seconds steep
  9. Stir quickly 3 times.
  10. Press for 60 seconds.
  11. “Mikkeller sponsored beers for the event, which was great. We sold the beer cups for 20,- and then beer was free. The money we collected were given as donations (pocket money for Seattle) for the winner.We’re paying for his flight to Seattle and look forward to see the whole WAC taking place over there. Gonna be fun!”


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