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2015 Eastern Aeropress Championships

National Aeropress Championships


And, now… another regional for the USA!

When and where is the Eastern Aeropress Championship? 

The Eastern Aeropress Championship will be held January 31, 2015 at Quills Coffee, 930 Baxter Avenue, Louisville Kentucky. The competition will begin at 7 PM though contestants should arrive by 6:30 to sign in.

What are the rules?

Contestants are encouraged to read the official World Aeropress Championship rules carefully and thoroughly.

Will the coffee be provided? 

Quills will have a high quality single origin coffee available for contestants to use, though contestants are also free to bring their own coffee.

What equipment will be available? 

Each competitor will have access to a Bonavita Variable Temperature kettle, filtered water, and an Mahlkönig EK-43 grinder. Competitors are welcomed to bring their own water and kettles.

What are the prizes?

Prizes are being donated by Prima Coffee, Mahlkönig USA, and others. The winner will have their traveling expenses to the national competition covered.

Is there an entrance fee? 

There is a $10 entrance fee, which will be collected at the competition.

How many baristas can compete? 

The competition will feature 18 competitors.

What is there to do in Louisville?

Lots of stuff! From bourbon to baseball bats, Louisville is a city that makes many awesome things. Our sponsors at The Coffee Compass are working on a full city guide for competitors.

Sign up for the 2015 Eastern Regional of the US Aeropress Championship here.

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