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2015 English Aeropress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


** Hold the phone — we’ve just confirmed our 2015 judging panel! **

Judging this year’s championship will be Directors of Operations from both Square Mile and Workshop, Felicity Tahtis and Tim Williams, but the really exciting news is that they’ll be joined by the incomparable master of udon, the chef of Koya, the coffee-loving Junya Yamasaki.


Lock up your Corgis (and Prince Phillip) — the 2015 Aeropress Championship of England is here.

Joining forces and bringing back the once-a-year-only WorkMile/SquareShop blend for 2015 are Workshop Coffee Co. and Square Mile Coffee Roasters, with the latter playing host at their Bethnal Green roastery from 4pm on Saturday, March 7th.

Tickets have already sold out to 27 very quick-clicking competitors, but it’s shaping up to be a great night for spectators and champions-in-waiting, alike. It wouldn’t be a London coffee event without beer from The Kernel, and this year the amazing street food of Pitmaster P’s “Miss Ps Barbeque“. On the mic is Rusty Brown(s of Brockley), and on the decks, DJ Bill ‘Fines Migration’ Tahtis.

Spectator entry is free.

2015 Aeropress Championship of England
Saturday, March 7th @ 4:00pm
Square Mile Coffee Roasters
8 Pritchards Road
E2 9 AP, London

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