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2015 French Aeropress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


Bonjour! Very bonjour!

French Aeropress Championship (Championnat de France d’Aeropress)

9 March 2015, 7 pm : Le Comptoir Général, Paris 

Organisers > Réseau des Baristas de France (French Barista Network)

Sponsors > Belco // Art of Coffee ( & Modderne (

CoffeeAll competitors will use Washed Ethiopian coffee (Sidamo Shilicho) from Le Petit Noir

Registration20 Euros, 15 Euros for RBF members & Google form (will go live Thursday Feb 26th at 8pm GMT+1)

Judges >

Laura Plaineau (2nd at French Cup Tasters Championship 2015 and RBF Secretary)

Raphaël Prime (First Q-grader in the history of France, and the closest-sounding we have to Tim)

Antoine Péron (Roaster of the Competition Coffee)

MC > Nir Chouchana (French Coffee In Good Spirits Champion 2014)

Winner > Flown to Seattle for the WACs

Social media >

@reseaubaristasfrance on twitter and Instagram


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