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2015 French Aeropress Championship results

National Aeropress Championships Results


The 2015 French Aeropress Championship was all you can expect from an Aeropress Championship… and more. A crowd of 150 swarmed the quirky and inspiring Le Comptoir Général to witness the fierce but jovial battle. 18 competitors were in to win the return ticket to attend the SCAA show in Seattle and represent France to the World Aeropress Championships.

The event was organized by Réseau des Baristas de France (French Barista Network), an independent and not-for-profit organization that strives to promote the barista craft and specialty coffee in France by organizing various competitions, cuppings, field trips, coffee booths at fairs, projections of documentaries etc…

The competition coffee was a washed Ethiopian coffee (Sidamo, Shilicho) from Le Petit Noir, Le Comptoir Général’s own coffee brand. The judge panel included Laura Plaineau (French 2015 Cup Tasters Vice-Champion), Raphaël Prime (First ever French Q-grader), Antoine Péron (Roaster of the competition coffee) and, as head judge, the one and only Jeff Verellen, the seemingly unbeatable Belgian Aeropress Champion.

Meeting in the final were Thomas Clément, barista at Café Cuiller, and Steaven Marks, barista at Coutume Café. With a recipe that will be remembered for the choice of water (St Georges, from Corsica) and the very low water temperature (64 degrees!), Thomas received his prize with both pride and emotion. Antoine Aubry, also from Coutume Café, took third place. Here are the best recipes:


WAC results France 2015

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