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2015 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship

National Aeropress Championships

HK Aeropress Championship 2015 - Poster

TATA Global Ltd” is most excited to announce that HK will be having its 1st AeroPress Championship event this coming February. As the Exclusive Distributor of “AeroPress” in HK, we are pleased to co-host the event with one of HK’s most reputable Specialty Coffee organization – “The Coffee Academics”.

Date of Competition : 8th February 2015

Registration Starts : 12th January 2015 – 10:00am

Registration & Competition Venue :

“The Coffee Academics”

Ground Floor, # 225 Wanchai Road,

Wanchai, Hong Kong


Keep an eye out on our Facebook page – “Hong Kong Aeropress Championship 2015”

Application forms can be downloaded :

Number of Competitors = Limited to 36 (50% already filled as at 15th Jan ’15)


Competition Use Coffee is provided & roasted by : “The Coffee Academics”

Coffee Bean : High quality single origin bean from Panama


Judging Panel : Have enlisted a panel of elite judges who have amongst them numerous qualifications – SCAA CQI Licensed Q-Graders, WCE Certified Sensory Judges, Grand Barista Championship Head Judges, SCAE Barista Certifier & Authorized Trainers, HK Barista Championship Certified Judges & Barista Champion and Former National Professional Barista Champions.


Equipment Available for competitor use: For those competitors not bring their own grinder or kettle, the following products are available for all competitor use : “Macro” water boiler, “Bonavita” kettle, “Acaia” digital scale and “WPM-ZD-16”” grinder.



Sponsors : We have generous support from various products/brands such as, “Aerobie®”, “Acaia”, “WPM”, “Macro”, “Bonavita”, “RBG” (new dial type metal filter), “Wah Shing Coffee”, “Hiang Kee Coffee Group” & “Doctor Champagne” to name a few.


Prizes : There will be trophies & various prizes for top 3 winners of the event, including airfare & hotel accommodations for the 1st prize winner to participate in the WAC in April 2015 as well as having Champagne for after-event celebrations !!

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