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2015 Irish AeroPress Championship – Results

National Aeropress Championships Results


In Dublin on the 14th March Workshop Coffee Co. and Joe’s Coffee co-hosted this year’s Irish Aeropress Championship. A large crowd descended on St. Stephen’s Green where 20 budding AeroPress competitors met in Hatch & Sons restaurant to brew through the evening and into the night.

The coffee, sourced and roasted by Workshop Coffee Co., was Santa Rosa from Huila, Colombia. The judging panel included James Bailey (Head of Quality, Workshop Coffee Co.) – one of the judges for the World Championship in Seattle – Monika Palova (Head Roaster, 3FE) and Mate Szekeres (Head Barista, Joe’s Coffee).

Returning to the fray was Monika Winiarek (Irish Aeropress Champion 2014) but in an unexpected twist she was knocked out in the first round heats. The first rounds over with, the semis and finals were all head to head seeing Love Supreme’s Craig Andrew knocked into fourth place, beaten by Neil White of Arch Coffee in Waterford who took third place.

The second place winner was Jake Lange, who took away a years subscription to Workshop Coffee and the winner was Grzegorz Wincenty-Cichy, who will be representing Ireland in Seattle next month. Check out their recipes below – notably Jake’s which he refers to as ‘The Irish Volcano’…

Third Place – Neil White
15g coffee, 85 degree water, Inverted Method:

  • At 0:00 – 50g bloom, no stir
  • At 0:30 – Add 170g water
  • At 1:00 – Stir gently x5 times 
  • At 1:30 – Stir gently x5 times and attach filter cap
  • At 2:15 – Flip Aeropress onto jug/cup, swirl gently to detach grounds stuck to plunger rubber
  • At 2:30 – Plunge approx 50g quickly then slowly plunge remainder 
  • At 3:15 – Finish at air hiss

Second Place – Jacob Lange
18g coffee, 88 degree water, ‘Super Inverted’ (or Irish Volcano) Method:

  • Fill the Bonavita Kettle almost full and heat to 88° C.
  • Pre-heat everything and prep filter.
  • 18g beans, grind at setting 3 on the Tanzania. Take a second and enjoy the aroma of the beans.
  • Add to Aeropress in inverted position.
  • Pour 50ml water for the bloom, couple of gentle stirs to make sure the grounds are evenly wet. 30 seconds total time. 
  • Carefully add another 200ml water (to 250ml total). You should have a gorgeous crema on top. Gently push down any floating grounds. Place filter and cap on top tightly. 30 seconds total time for this.
  • Move inverted Aeropress to a flat bottomed stainless steel bowl. Place Aeropress funnel on top, so fits hexagonally. Gently and steadily press down on funnel so coffee flows out of the cap (sort of like a volcano), down the side of the Aeropress and into the bowl. Be careful not to press too hard as you will get silt – listen for hiss of air, which you don’t want. 60 seconds total time for this. 
  • Pour coffee from steel bowl into cup and thoroughly enjoy!

First Place – Grzegorz Wincenty-Cichy
18g of coffee, ground coarse,

Ashbeck water at 88 degrees, Inverted Method:

  • Add 50g water, bloom for 30 seconds
  • Add slowly (40 sec) water to total amount of 245g
  • Stir three times
  • Press slowly for about 40 seconds
  • 2 minutes total brew time

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