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2015 Polish Aeropress Championship results

National Aeropress Championships

Mistrzostwa Polski Aeropress 2015

72 competitors people. 72 competitors!

72 competitors in 5 hours, faster than any other anything with 72 people involved. Next year there will be some regionals, thankfully!
Congratulations to the top 3:
1. Justyna Urbańska (Cafe Sztuczki, Wroclaw)
2. Filip Ślęczek (Cocofli, Wroclaw)
3. Marcin Ratyński (Warsaw)
Mistrzostwa Polski Aeropress 2015 Mistrzostwa Polski Aeropress 2015 Mistrzostwa Polski Aeropress 2015
The competition took place at Comedy Club in Warsaw, place where we as a Forum have our Pop Up Coffee Shop. Competition coffee was Sehe from Burundi supplied by Koppi.
Justyna has won:
– the Aeropress Trophy or “bronze piston” signed by Mr. Adler
– flight and accommodation to Seattle (sponsored by Freehand Coffee Roasters)
– trip to Nouva Simonelli factory (sponsored by Bean Brothers)
– signed copy of James Hoffmann’s World Atlas of Coffee
– products form Aerobie, Hario, KeppCup, VST (supplied by Coffee Desk and Bean Brothers)
More images here.
PACs results

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