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2015 Turkish AeroPress Championship – Results

National Aeropress Championships Results

The Turkish Aeropress Championship which was held for the first time in Turkey was a nice gathering for a very enthusiastic crowd who are the pioneers of the prospering specialty coffee scene in İstanbul. The event is held at the biggest venue of world famous SohoHouse opened recently in the historic heart of the city. The building which was once used as American embassy was breathtaking with its historical connections, beautiful architecture and interior design.

18 contestants had a chance to compete with a Ninety Plus Kemgin W2 coffee roasted by the event organizer Probador Colectiva. They were delivered their coffees 2 weeks before the competition and had enough time to practice prior to the battle. At the end of the day it was a very gentle, friendly competition and the judges had hard times as most of the coffees served were prepared masterfully.

Top three contesters won baratza vario grinders, AeroPress, Able Disks and a package of coffee from Probador Colectiva. The winner also won the ticket to Seattle and 4 days of accommodation.

Here are the results:

First Place – UFUK ARSLAN

  • Sift 30 gr coffee at 250micron filter
  • Forr 2 minutes get 20gr coffee
  • Use 93.5C and 240gr water
  • Bloom with 55-60gr water for 30 seconds
  • Add the rest of the water
  • Pat with a spoon
  • At 140m close the cap and spin the aeropress 10 times vertically
  • Between 2.45-3.00m it should be done

Second Place – REFİKA KORTUN

  • 80C and 300ml water
  • Pour blooming water to the aeropress with a paper filter to heat everything up
  • 20gr of coffee grinded at 8.5
  • Pour water until it reaches aeropress sign 1
  • Stir stir stir with wooden chopstick
  • Let 35-40 seconds to bloom
  • Pour water until it reaches aeropress sing 4
  • Press slowly for about 30 seconds
  • Stop whne it reaches aeropress sign 1

Third Place – CEM BOZKUŞ

  • At regular position
  • Well washed two paper filters
  • 18gr coffee on Mahlkönig vario at 6M (sifted fines)
  • 92C water
  • 60gr for blooming for 30 seconds
  • Vigiriously sttirred for 1 second
  • Pour  the rest 200gr water till 1.00m
  • Start pushing until 2.10m
  • Wait 2m before serving

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