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2015 World AeroPress Championship Competitor Information

World Aeropress Championships


Hello competitors!

So that you’ve got all the information you need and you’re not freaking out that you’re not going to be able to make me coffee, here are the nuts and bolts you’ll need to lock down:

Date / Thursday 9th April from 6:00pm
Location / WithinSodo – 2916 Utah Ave South, Seattle (Google Maps)

Partners / Cafe Imports, Bonavita, Uppercup, Sprudge, La Marzocco
Supporters / Baratza, Everpure, Mahlkonig & Intelligentsia

Timing / Please ensure you arrive to WithinSodo at 3:30pm sharp. It’s probably a city you’ve never been to, so ensure you make enough time for travel.

3:30pm Competitors Arrival & initial briefing
4:00pm Competitors Practise Time
5:15pm Competitors Practise Time shutdown
5:30pm Mandatory Competitor Briefing
7:00pm Competition Starts

Rounds / The competition rounds will run to the following format:

Round 1: 12 rounds of 3 competitors each. 12 winners will proceed to the Semi Finals
Semi Finals: 4 Rounds of 3 Competitors. 4 winner.
Grand Final: 1 Round. 4 Competitors. 1 winner.


Complete draw and competitor timings will be available approx. 1 day prior to the competition, and will be announced ASAP.

Coffee / La Perla Del Cafe – SL28, Finca Chispita, Fully Washed from Cafe Imports.

The first batch of coffee you receive will be a sample roast, giving you an overall idea of the coffee itself. This is not the roast you will be competing with! On the day of the event, you will be provided with a fresh bag of coffee, roasted by Elm Coffee Roasters in Seattle. It’s the same coffee, but roasted locally and to a slightly different profile. The sample roast will be shipped early this coming week.

If you have do not receive a sample of the coffee, we will have some to collect in Seattle. Details of this to come. Please get in touch with us if you need to collect some. Coffee will only be available to those who have not received any.

Rules / The rules are the same as per the Rules page, but essentially:

The required volume of the drink is 200ml, which must be served in the supplied cup. No added ingredients are allowed
. All competitors will have a 8 minutes comp time, this includes prep time & brew time – the clock will count down from 8 minutes. Failure to serve the drink in that time will mean disqualification. The technique used by the competitor must be in writing and given to the Head Judge – this will not be considered in judging, but must be given to the Head Judge before your round begins.

Once your round is complete, please ensure your podium is cleared and cleaned. There will be an area for storage of competitors equipment. There will be an 1 hour opportunity for practise brewing before the competition starting at 4pm, and finishing strictly at 5pm.

Equipment / Each competitor podium will be stocked with the following equipment:

  • Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temp Gooseneck Kettles
  • Bonavita BV2000SC Scales
  • Mahlkonig EK43 Grinders with Coffee burrs

Each competitor will be given an Uppercup on their station to pour the final brew into. Competitors are expected to bring whatever brew gear they require such as:

  • Aeropress, and paper filters
  • Jugs to brew into

America runs on ridiculous 110V power. Your electrical equipment MAY NOT WORK, please be wary of this. We will not have adapters.

Please label all your gear carefully with your name in case you lose it. We’d also recommend packing it in a box with your name on the outside. No responsibility will be taken for lost or damaged gear.

Water / WBC spec water supplied by Everpure.

Judges / Eden-Marie Abramowicz, Erin Meister, Amanda Juris, Anne Lunell, Katie Carguilo & James Bailey, Noah Namowicz, Tim Wendelboe, Mike Phillips, Stephen Morrissey.

The format for judges has changed this year. The fundamentals are the same; three judges per round, but the judges selection process is new. Details on this to come, but it’s not really something you’ll need to consider.

Finally / Please remember this competition was designed to be simple and fun, please be present with this spirit. We will be doing our best on the night to make this a great event for all, so please be prepared, be patient and most of all have fun!

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