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2015 World AeroPress Championship thank you

World Aeropress Championships

WAC 2015_Event_1500

Well, there we have it. By far the most successful World Aeropress Championship to date. 35 nations competing head-to-head for the chance to take home the ‘bronze piston’. According to the clicker at the door we had over 400 people come to enjoy the jamboree of competition and disco music. The atmosphere was electric during the competition; the level of ability impressive. We’ve had amazing support from a truly generous bunch of individuals and companies. Without them, there is no way we’d have been able to put on such a spectacle for people.

CI_Logo_2015_2_color bonavita new logolm logobaratzaeverpure2intellisprudgeFirstly, CafeImports. So big-hearted, so wonderful to work with. They sourced us an incredible coffee from Costa Rica, roasted it and shipped it all over over the World to all 35 competitors. We also had the cupping talents of Noah Namowicz & Meister as part of the notable judging panel. So much love from them.

Boni-avita, at least that’s what they could be called. Marcus Boni of Bonavita lavishly gave the competitors the tools to perform on the night and kettles and scales to take home for the top 3 place getters. Another dream to work with.

Intelligentsia came to the party too making sure all the required elements for a great party were there : beer and awesome limited edition Aerobie flying rings. Stephen Morrissey himself was there to judges through some rounds and projected his own jolly vibes onto the room.

La Marzocco, a long time supporter of the WACs, once again came to reinforce the event with an amazing price pack for the winner and  lots of love from Italy.

Baratza, practically a member of the sponsorship family now, donated a Forte, Vario W and Preciso grinders for the winners. Year after year, they’ve been there for us.

Those guys at Sprudge, our official media partners, propping us up with extra coverage of the National AeroPress competitions and making sure the World Championships were in the limelight.

Those 2 beautiful ladies on top of the back bar, were a couple of Mahlkönig EK43s, so thanks to Gary at Mahlkönig for hand delivering them to the event.

We had some competition grade water from Everpure USA for the competitors, of which practically every last drop was used to ensure their coffee tasted and extracted beautifully.

And what goes without saying, the lovely people at Aerobie, incredibly supportive, incredibly generous and true lovers of the World AeroPress Championships. Stay tuned for more reports, recipes and more photos!

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