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2016 Belgian AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


The second home of the AeroPress Championships is without question, Belgium – boasting 3 World AeroPress Champions. Once again, Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters will be hosting the 5th Belgian Aeropress Championship on the 6th of May.

Because of the growing popularity of the Aeropress Championships in Belgium, Caffenation felt it best to give as many people as possible the chance to compete and become the 2016 Belgian Aeropress Champion. So, for the first time in Belgium they organised two qualifying rounds. On Friday the 22nd of April Caffenation Antwerp hosted around 36 competitors to gain their place in the big final held on the 6th of May. And on Friday the 29th of April they did the same for another 36 people at Watt in Ghent. The six best from each regional will automatically go on to the final round in Caffenation Antwerp on 6th of May.

For every finalist there is a special gift bag with, among other things, a hand grinder and a specially designed T-shirt. On top of that, there are exciting prizes to be won for the top 3 competitors because Caffenation believe that time and dedication to the craft of an Aeropress brew should be duly rewarded. To top it off: the grand prize winner will win a paid flight to Dublin to represent Belgium in a secured spot at the World Aeropress Championships.

The coffee used will be the RWANDA HUYE MOUNTAIN KARAMBI.

We’re really excited to see how thing pan out in Belgium this year!


Competition: Belgian
Hosted By: Caffenation
Where: Caffenation Antwerp Mechelsesteenweg 16
Antwerp, Antwerp 2000 

When: 7pm, Monday 6 May 2016
Competitors: 72
Cost: EUR 15
Sponsors: 132 cup
Nuts and Bolts
La Marzocco
Judges:  Jaap / Chummy Leiden, The Netherlands
Channa / Loustic, Paris France
José / Kofta, Norwich England
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