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2016 Brazilian AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


Here we have the second Brazilian AeroPress Championship for the second consecutive year. A great event is planned at the wonderful Nex Coworking in Curitiba, Paraná. This year, 3ª Onda Consultoria em Café has partnered up with 4Beans Coffee Co, one of Brazils premier microroasters. Last year was awesome, this year the hosts have promised to do even better! It will be a great party. Curitiba is the capitol of specialty coffee in Brazil and has a strong base to build on. Last year the competition was held in São Paulo, the capital of food and drink. There will be beer, there will be grub, there will be music, join them on March 26th as they’ve some pressing business to attend to.

The coffee roasted by 4 Beans Coffee Co. will be a Pulped Natural Catuaí 144 from Chacará Vista Alegri, Piatã Chapada Diamantina. The producer is Renato Rodrigues, a young visionary from the infamous region. Registration opens at 7am, Brasilia time. You need to be super fast, as last year the Brazilian AeroPress Championships “sold out” in about twelve seconds – faster than a Prince concert.

Competition: Brazilian
Hosted By: 3ª Onda Consultoria em Café LTDA
Where: Nex Coworking Rua Francisco Rocha 198
Curitiba, Paraná 80420130
When: 3pm, Saturday 26 March 2016
Competitors: 27
Cost: BRL 80
Sponsors: Matespresso
3ª Onda Consultoria em Café LTDA
4Beans Coffee Co
Atilla / Flight Sponsor
Revisit Espresso / Media Sponsor
Nex Coworking, Curitiba / Venue Sponsor
Judges:  Epstein Veflingstad / 3ª Onda Consultoria em Café LTDA Salvador
Amanda Lafayette / 4Beans Coffee Co Curitiba
Georgia Franco de Sousa / Lucca Cafés Especiais Curitiba
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