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2016 Colombian AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


One of the longest supporters of the AeroPress Championship, Luis Vélez of Amor Perfecto, will this year host the 2016 Colombian AeroPress Championship. Ever since Luis judged during the 2010 World AeroPress Championships in London, he has been a part or supported the competition in some way, and we’re excited to have him involved in 2016.

Alejandro Renjifo of Fairfield Trading is another favourite Colombian of ours, will be supplying the green coffee for the competition. Not only does he have beautiful green coffee and fantastic relationships will many farms in Colombia, but he’s often the life of the party. There are many stories we have, spanning multiple cities, to prove this. The coffee is from the Asociación Los Naranjos de San Agustín, Huila. It’s a traditional fully-washed coffee, sun-dried in green-house raised drying beds.


Competition: Colombia
Hosted By: Amor Perfecto
Where: Unión Libre Café Calle 119B # 5-37
Calle 119B # 5-37 Bogotá

When: 3pm, Saturday 14 May 2016
Competitors: 30
Cost: COP 80
Entry: Google Forms
Sponsors: La Alqueria
Amor Perfecto
Federación Nacional de Cafeteros
Fairfield Trading
Toma Café
La Marzocco
Judges:  Andres Elizalde
Federico Bobbio
Amado Álvarez
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