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2016 French AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


The Réseau des Baristas de France strikes back with a second French Aeropress Championship! But this time and for the first time in any coffee competitions in France, competitors register to regionals first. The RBF is lucky and proud to have outstanding partners for this initial round in no less than 6 cities across (mostly the northern part of) France:

Coffee Makers / Lille
92.5° Coffeeshop / Nantes
Café Bretelles Petite France / Strasbourg
The Beans On Fire X KB Cafeshop / Paris
Le Petit Atelier / Tours
Puzzle Café / Lyon

The 18 best (numbers from each event will depend on their respective competitor entries) will earn a spot in the finale, which will be organized in the magnificient sip-by-the-water Panama Brewing Company, which primarily brews their own beers, but also sports a La Marzocco machine and a grinder full of specialty coffee beans from a local roaster. Expect an afternoon and evening full of coffee, weird and interesting recipes, beer, food, music, landscape gazing, laughter and cheering!


Competition: France
Hosted By: Réseau des Baristas de France
Where: Paname Brewing Company 41 bis Quai de la Loire
Paris 75019

When: 3pm, Monday 25 April 2016
Competitors: 18
Cost: EUR 15
Entry: Tickasso
Sponsors: 1ATMP
Art of Coffee
Café Mokxa
Judges:  Judge 1Viva Lenoir / Nez du Café
Thomas Clément / Café Cuillier & French Aeropress Champion 2015
Nir Chouchana / French Coffee in Good Spirits Champion 2014
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