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2016 German AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships



Once again The Barn Berlin and Five Elephant have teamed up to put together the 2016 German AeroPress Championships. The are a few details of the competition we’re going to keep to ourselves, but their plans sound incredible.

During the event, an Acme / Mahlkönig pop-up brew bar will be stationed in the roastery with some new prototypes sent over from Hamburg. There will also be slices of the famous Five Elephant cheesecake.

The fantastic poster was designed by designers Sunst-Studio, with a special mention to Tobias Amberger – who won a Sprudgie recently with their coffee bag design work. From Kris Schackman:

“It was important for us to include an element of Germany design that was dated enough, but not going too far back to evoke the style of the propaganda posters of the World Wars (although that style was quite artistic and we had some versions that were really interesting).  We went through literally 50 designs before we settled on this one.  We plan on taking apart the elements for the t-shirt prints and also create some limited edition hand made prints.”

The judging panel is made up the loveliest legends in coffee – Stephen Vick, Christian Klatt and Petra Vesela-Davies. In case of a tie breaker, the seasoned Emcee Cory Andreen and/or Petra’s dog will make the final decision.

Mahlkönig and Acaia will add additional prizes, including a Mahlkönig Vario Home Grinder for 1st place and Acaia scales for the top 3.  BestBrew, the amazing AeroPress distributor will fly the winner to Dublin!


Competition: German
Hosted By: Five Elephant Coffee Roastery & The Barn Berlin
Where: Five Elephant Coffee Roastery Glogauerstr. 5
Berlin 10999

When: 10am, Saturday 14 May 2016
Competitors: 72+
Cost: EUR 15
Entry: WuFoo
Sponsors: Five Elephant Coffee Roastery
The Barn Berlin
FlaVin & FlaBean
Stone Brewery
Brew Box
Judges:  Petra Vesela-Davies
Stephen Vick
Christian Klatt
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