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2016 Italian AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


The wonderful Edy Piro has put together the 3rd Italian AeroPress Championship, and has managed to make AeroPress coffee the number 1 coffee drink consumed nationally in Italy. The Italian government are considering banning all espresso machines in light of this revelation.

The competition coffee supplied by Falcon Specialty will be a Nicaraguan micro lot from La Argentina in Dipinto, Nueva Segovia, it’s a naturally processed Caturra and it’ll be roasted by Paolo Scimone (His Majesty The Coffee).

Another incredible poster, hand drawn by, Emanuele Ricci will also be available as a t-shirt! We may labour the point a little, but we’re so impressed by the artist talents of the WAC poster designers and artists.


Competition: Italy
Hosted By: Terrone & Co. + IMS Filtri
Where: Pascucci Cafe’ – Milano Corso Europa 22
Milan, Milan 20122

When: 2:30pm, Sunday 17 April 2016
Competitors: 18
Cost: Free!
Entry: Eventbrite
Sponsors: Coffee sponsors:
Terrone & Co.
Falcon Speciality coffee
HMC (his majesty the coffee)
Ditta artigianale
Espresso & Brewing lab sponsonsors:
Pulycaf (AsaChimici)
DM Italia
La Marzocco
Davide Cobelli (Coffee Training Academy)
Venue and food:
Caffe’ Pascucci
Judges:  Matt Selby / Falcon Speciality
Estelle Bright / Lla Marzocco
Davide Corelli / Coffee Training Academy
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