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2016 Lithuanian AeroPress Championship

Events National Aeropress Championships


It’s really ace to have another first timer in Lithuania on board as a national AeroPress championship host. We’re really excited for them.

Taste Map Coffee Roasters will be supplying the competition coffee, and they’ve selected Finca El Virgen and their Colombia Jaime Ariza from Antioquia. One of our favourite publications, Standart are also supporting the event.

The event promises to be a bunch of fun, there are 4 super qualified judges, the space will be open-air with delicious food and coffee – and plenty of “good vibrations”.


Competition: Lithuania
Hosted By: Taste Map Coffee Roasters
Where: Savanoriu pr. 176F
Vilnius 03154

When: 11:30am, Saturday 23 April 2016
Competitors: 30
Cost: EUR 10
Sponsors: Primulator Lithuania
Kavos Architektai
Standart Magazine
Sweet Root Restaurant
Audio Gourmet
Judges:  Vaiva Maškovaitė
Ondrej Petrus
Ieva Ivonė
Domas Ivonis
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