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2016 Swiss AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


An entire AeroPress Festival for the 2016 Swiss AeroPress Championship featuring cuppings, a natural wine bar, a mini-market, DJs, a mini symposium and BBQ. This sounds like quite the event!

Marianne Konstanse Gjeldnes from Johan & Nyström, Kai Keong Ng from Bear Brothers & Cow and Mateusz Petlinski, a cupping champion and AeroPress-wiz, will be leading up the judges table.

Las Quebradas, Rocendo Reckons a washed Pacamara from El Salvador roasted by Gipfelstürmer will be the competition coffee.

Did i mention there’ll be a natural wine bar? Oh I did. Good.


Competition: Swiss
Hosted By: Bear Brothers and Cow
Where: Auer & Co. Sihlquai 131
Zurich, Zurich 8005

When: 2:00pm, Saturday 23 April 2016
Competitors: 36
Cost: CHF 25
Sponsors: Impact Hub Zurich
Auer & Co.
Bear Brothers and Cow
Unternehmen Mitte
Miro Manufactura de Cafe
Henauer Kaffee
Judges:  Mateusz Petlinski
Marianne Konstanse Gjeldnes
Kai Keong Ng
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