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2016 United States AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


Elizabeth Chai, Sara Frinak, Kylene Compton have come together to organise quite the party for the discerning coffee community who’ll be plunging into Atlanta in a few weeks to, albeit light heartedly, honour the knotty world of specialty coffee.

Well, this is going to be big and by far the most anticipated competition for the 2016 season. While the USBC sheds it’s regionals, the USAC circuit has flourished with all four corners of the USA being represented. We’ve had around 130 competitors in the four regionals held in Portland hosted by Heart, in Chicago hosted by Everybody’s Coffee, Los Angeles hosted by G&B Coffee and New York City hosted by Variety Coffee Roasters.

The top 3 competitors from each of the regionals will have automatic entry into the nationals, in Atlanta at Chattahoochee Coffee, leaving some wildcard entrant spots available – you’ll need to be super fast to secure a place. Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday 30th March at 1pm.

We’ve 2 WBC champions in Pete Licata and Michael Phillips, and one WBCC champion in Matt Perger as judges. The dynamic duo of Cat & Cloud (Chris Baca & Jared Truby) will be Emceeing and our media partners, and some rad DJs will be on the wheels of steel.

Will there be free beer? I hear you whining. Yes, is the answer. Generously supplied by Wild Heaven Beer. You want more? Ok. There will also be Barista Carnival Games with big-ticket prizes…

The unbelievable poster has been produced by our most excellent US Attaché, Liz Chai. She has single-handlely put together the entire 2016 US AeroPress Championship circuit and we’re extremely thankful here at WAC headquarters.


Competition: United States
Hosted By: Chattahoochee Coffee Westside
Where: 790 Huff Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
United States

When: 7pm, Saturday 16 April 2016
Competitors: 28
Cost: USD 35
Entry: Eventbrite
Sponsors: Mailchimp
Cafe Imports
Wild Heaven Craft Beers
Department of Brewology
Judges:  Michael Phillips
Matt Perger
Pete Licata
More information…

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