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2016 Venezuelan AeroPress Championships

National Aeropress Championships


This is the 1st championship in Venezuela, and it looks they’ve nailed it. There will be coffee from Venezuela roasted by Pietro Carbone. The coffee is from Caripe, Edo. Monagas. There will be a Coffee Stout on offer for attendees and most excitingly the judges are made up of journalists, neurogastronomists and sommeliers. Exciting!


Competition: Venezuela
Hosted By: Carbone Espresso & Accademia del Caffe
Where: Franca CoffeeCakes Av Ppal Las Mercedes
Caracas, Miranda 1060

When: 3pm, Thursday 28 April 2016
Competitors: 36
Cost: VEB 3500
Sponsors: Grupo Giorgio (Rancilio)
Franca CoffeeCakes
Caripe Cafe Gourmet
Norte del Sur (Coffee craft beer)
Carbone Espresso
Judges:  Merlin Gessen (neurogastronomist)
Rosanna Di Turi (journalist)
Vanessa Barradas (sommelier)
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