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2016 Welsh AeroPress Championship

National Aeropress Championships


That’s right Wales, it’s your turn now. You’ve got your very own Welsh AeroPress Championship. Thanks to La Marzocco, Waterloo Tea, Espresso Solutions and James Gourmet Coffee, only now will you realise that you’re not the only AeroPresser in the village. There are loads of you out there. So pull your AeroPress out of the closet and show Wales and the rest of the world your skills!


Competition: Wales
Hosted By: La Marzocco / Waterloo Tea
Where: Waterloo Tea
Wyndham Arcade
The Hayes, Cardiff
When: 5:00pm, Saturday 5 March 2016
Competitors: 24
Cost: £9,50
Sponsors: La Marzocco
Waterloo Tea
James Gourmet Coffee
Espresso Solutions
Judges:  Kasim Ali
Matt North
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