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2016 World AeroPress Championship

AeroPress Events World Aeropress Championships


The coffee event of the year is here! All national championships have been fought, competitor coffee has been roasted and shipped to 52 countries and Dublin is just 22 days away!

Tickets are now on sale for the 2016 World AeroPress Championship and you can secure your place to cheer on your favourite country on our Eventbrite page – ticket includes entry, free beer all night, and the ability to mingle with the coffee industry’s funnest people.

WigWam, a former nightclub and home to Vice Coffee Inc. is the venue for the 2016 World AeroPress Championship, will aid in elevating the Championship to the maximum party vibe: ’11’ or ‘over-extracted’. Expect shoulder to shoulder action on stage, and bum to bum exertion on the dance floor. If you’re saving yourself for just a single night of unhinged debauchery, then reserve it for the 2016 World AeroPress Championship on Thursday 23rd June.

Keep an eye on InstagramFacebook or Twitter for more information!

2016 World AeroPress Championship
Thursday 23rd June / 6pm
WigWam / 54 Middle Abbey St, Dublin / Google Maps

Attendee Tickets / On sale now!

Many thanks to our generous supporters and sponsors for making the World AeroPress Championships happen…


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