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2016 World AeroPress Championship judges

AeroPress Events World Aeropress Championships

Just in case you missed Sprudge’s scoop releasing the 11 judges for the 2016 World AeroPress Championship in Dublin on 23rd June, here they are again. From all corners of the globe and from all disciplines of coffee, this selection of multi-talented and lovely people will bear the enviable task of selecting the AeroPress champion of champions.

We’ve an incredibly impressive 52 nations competing this year, from a pool of around 2000 competitors from New Zealand to New South Wales to Wales and from Northern Ireland to Ireland to Iran and via Venezuela to Poland to Greece to China. I may as well just name all 52 countries. Can you even name 52 countries? I hope so. I can… now.

Dan Boobier of Workshop Coffee in London, England

Gilbert Gatali of KZ Noir in Kigali, Rwanda

Amanda Juris of Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California

Robyn Butler of 3FE in Dublin, Ireland

Stephen Vick of Beanstock in Nairobi, Kenya

Jessica Godfrey of ACME & Co. in Wellington, New Zealand

Ari Fasanella of Cafe Imports in Berlin, Germany

Enrico Wurm of La Marzocco in Florence, Italy

Sam Muhirwa of Buf Cafe in Ginkongoro, Rwanda

Anne Lunell of Koppi in Helsingborg, Sweden

Estelle Bright of La Marzocco in London, England

Stay tuned for some pretty exciting news on the 2015 competition coffee from Cafe Imports and Workshop Coffee, tickets for attendees, the 2016 poster, prizes from Baratza, Amor Perfecto and other exciting World AeroPress related announcements!

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