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2016 World AeroPress Championship prize pool

AeroPress Events Supporter World Aeropress Championships


A skateboard, a flying disc, a limited edition coffee brewer, a state-of-the-art grinder and a trip to a far away land. The contents of a teenage boy’s rucksack? A coffee enthusiast’s wish list? A prop list from a Back to the Future movie?

Nope. It’s the staggering prize list for the 2016 World AeroPress Champion. Can you be a little more specific please? I imagine you shouting into at your laptop. OK, get a load of this:

1st Place

  • The Golden Piston; a signed, limited edition gold AeroPress – cup included!
  • An Alan Adler signed, limited edition Aerobie Pro Flying Ring
  • A handmade, limited edition La Marzocco skateboard
  • The brand-new, award winning Baratza Sette 270W grinder
  • An all expenses paid trip to Colombia from Amor Perfecto
  • Cover shoot for TIME magazine – pending Annie Leibovitz’s availability 

2nd & 3rd Place

Once again, we’ve our incredible supporters to thank for the amazing prizes. Without Amor Perfecto, Baratza, La Marzocco and Aerobie we’d have an amazing top 3 world AeroPress champions go home empty handed. Thankfully, this is is not the case, and they’ll all be generously rewarded for making it through many, many rounds of World, National and in some cases Regional AeroPress Championships.

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