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British Colombia Aeropress Championships

World Aeropress Championships

BC Aeropress Championship

Fantastic. Another Aeropress Competition…

The 2012 BC Aeropress Championships will be hosted by Revolver at 325 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC, April 1st at 5pm.

Winner of the event will have serious bragging rights and their recipe featured on

For more info on what’s involved with competing check out the rules page.

On the agenda as well is vintage 49th Parallel Beloya cupping Mark Prince kindly gave to us, for those that might not have been around to taste it, it’s a blueberry bomb.

Azlan Graves of Black Crowe Brewing has brewed a Vanilla Porter and Citra Hopped Pale Ale specifically for this wonderful event, we’ll have it via keg until the wee hours in the night.

Other snacks and drinks will be available.

Don’t miss out, it’s going to be a good one.

More info here.

The Agenda:

5:00 PM
All Aeropress competitors check-in.

5:30 PM
Aeropress Competition Commences.

6:00 PM
Beloya Cupping

~8:00 PM
Aeropress Winner Announcement

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