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CRACs Judges : Trevor, Laila & Caleb

National Aeropress Championships


Trevor Corlett – Madcap Coffee Co
“Trevor is CEO and co-founder of Madcap Coffee Company and is currently based at Madcap’s office in Washington, DC. He is also currently serving as the Past Chair of the Barista Guild of America, is a Specialty Coffee Association of America Specialized instructor, a subject matter expert in espresso for the SCAA, and an editorial advisor for Barista Magazine. Trevor has also been competing in barista competitions for a number of years having finished in the top 6 in a regional consecutively for the last 6 years. In 2011 he finished 4th and in the last two years has back to back 3rd place finishes at the United States Barista Championship. When not making coffee he can be found doing lego construction with his wife and three daughters.”

Laila Ghambari – Cherry Street Coffee House
Our reigning 2014 United States Barista Champion Laila is also the Director of Coffee for Cherry Street Coffee House in Seattle an Executive Council member for the Barista Guild of America and a Level 2 certified barista.

Caleb Nicholes – Kickapoo Coffee Roasters
For most of his life, Caleb has been a professional gourmand, including three years as an importer of boutique European wines and nine years as a coffee roaster. His work in the wine industry took him all over France, Italy, and Spain where he learned that “if you run fast enough, you don’t actually run with the bulls.” Caleb is married with three children and a co-owner of Kickapoo Coffee Roasters.

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