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Cup Not Included: Rimini, 2014

Cup Not Included

Rimini, 2014

This world of ours is full of strange colloquialisms but amongst the most confounding must surely be the term ‘shit hot’. While Urban Dictionary lays claim to its being derived from the Southwest of England, for me the phrase is an unequivocal if inexplicable Australianism.

And if ever someone should ask me to provide them with a definition or explanation, I will do little more than remain silent, lead them to our office, point at our gigantic print of this poster and nod slowly. For it is and will always remain the most succinct and visual representation of a term more usually and clumsily defined as ‘excellent, fantastic, marvellous, or quite superb’.

The poster is the handiwork of Melbourne advertising creatives Daniel Pizzato and Pat Sofra and we were privileged to have them lend their skills to our event, helping us notify the world of our 2014 Italian beachside party. And it seems they were all to happy to help…

This poster was their way of giving back to a bean that has given so much to them. As Italians. As creatives. As Italian creatives who work in advertising.

Now you can display your own shit hot definition, too. Available in two sizes, printed to order in Los Angeles, California and shipped direct to your door, anywhere in the world. For a limited time, enter the discount code “SPRUDGE” for free shipping.

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