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Finnish Aeropress Championship results…

World Aeropress Championships

Niki (left) and Jussi the winner!

Great news from Finland via Lauri Pipinen who organised the FACs –

“We had the Finnish competition yesterday and a “home coffee geek” Jussi Laitinen won. And he is coming to the WACs, he got 1000euros for the trip from our sponsor Arabia. All of the judges picked his coffee as the best one in the final round.

All in all it was pretty nicely done competition, first one in Finland. It was held in Gastro expo (a big Restaurant expo) in Helsinki. We had 12 competitors, about half of them working with coffee and half just doing it at home. Judges were Antti Luukkonen from Kaffa who roasted the coffee, Johan Damgaard from Johan & Nyström Sweden, and then me from Good Life Coffee. Everybody used the same coffee form Kenya, Gatina, roasted by Kaffa Roastery (the finnish one).”

Really excited to see a home coffee enthusiast take out the FACs, and in a wheelchair to boot. Pushing down an Aeropress from a seated position must take a couple of arms of steel! Congratulations Jussi!

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