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Hosting Applications close 31st October

AeroPress National Aeropress Championships World Aeropress Championships


This is just a friendly little reminder to get your hosting application in to us before the 31st October! Hosting applications can be made here and we’ve already had some excellent ones, so thank you to those of you who have put the time into the application. To be clear, it doesn’t take that long and the finer details can be worked out down the track.

The results of who gets to host will be announced in mid-November and the 2016 World AeroPress Championship season kicks off on January 1st. More information here.

Ensuring your national Aeropress competition runs smoothy and successfully means fulfilling the global guidelines. It’s important that you’re able to stamp your own personality on the competition by putting on the kind of event that suits your community, however it is equally important that there’s a level of uniformity to the national competitions, and that global requirements are met.


Until then, here’s some of the key responsibilities of national organisers:

1. Make It Fast, Fun & Light-Hearted
The whole point of this event is that it’s fun to compete in, to host and most importantly, to watch. Get some sponsors together, get an MC with a big personality, hire a DJ, give street food vendors some space to set up and get a few kegs of beer in to give away. Make it a party, make sure everyone has a good time. (And while all this is happening, run the competition itself.)

2. Make It Fair
The hosting of a national event should be looked at as an opportunity to help bring a coffee loving community together. It’s not an opportunity to promote your company over your competitors. To this extent, national hosts must be prepared to be inclusive, engaging and fair. Hosts putting on events solely to serve themselves will probably not host again.

3. Design A Poster
National organisers must commission and produce a poster for their event and where required, include the official World AeroPress Championship and global sponsors logos. A high definition digital version must be submitted to H.Q., alongside rights for publication, distribution and use.

4. Event Reporting
You’re our eyes and ears around the globe. A thorough report of the event needs to be completed and sent back. This should include a review of the events itself, the top 3 competitors’ recipes and the names and workplaces of all competitors must be submitted. A collection of photography (and video if possible) is crucial to good reporting, so organise a decent photographer!

5. Pony Up For Travel
National hosts must ensure that an appropriate amount of funding is provided for the winner to get to the World AeroPress Championship event. Travel should be by air where required, and hotels should be of a decent standard.

6. Meeting Global Partner Requirements
Where stipulated, national hosts must work in conjunction with arrangements we have agreed with global partners. This may include the use of particular equipment, cups, water, coffee or media reporting. Or it may not. Either way, details will be communicated in good time.

Please Note: All applications to host a national AeroPress competition must be submitted to and approved by World AeroPress Championship HQ.  Hosting one year does not give you automatic permission to host again. If we don’t approve it, it’s not a sanctioned competition, and your winner will not be competing in the World Championship event.

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