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Meet: Jessica Godfrey of Acme & Co.

ACME AeroPress Jessica Godfrey Supporter World Aeropress Championships

We here at WAC-HQ are about to burst from excitement over our sponsorships for the 2016 World AeroPress Championships. Not only do we have a roster of upstanding and admirable companies providing us with overwhelming support, but we have a special place in our hearts for the people behind those companies. Since we’ve been working so closely with them these last few months, we wanted to do an internet-intro so you can see why they’re all so great.

To kick things off, we couldn’t think of a better person to start with than Jessica Godfrey at our favorite kiwi coffee cup manufacturer, Acme & Co. We had a chat with Jessica and she told us about when she first encountered us. “I had been doing research for Latte Art, Brewers Cup, and Cup Tasters competitions…but the competition imagery that popped up and got me excited was from AeroPress Championships around the world.”



“Really, they were streets ahead of the other Championships in creativity and imagination. They were brave and bold and made everything else look quite corporate. I was interested from that moment.”

(It’s no wonder we get along. Because we think they same about Acme & Co.)

There’s no doubt you’ve seen Acme cups making their colorful appearance, with their cheery mint blues and greens, cherry red, and rich black cappuccino and demitasse cups. You may have even seen their Union Mug – an elegant upgrade from your classic diner mug. Acme is everywhere. You might say they’re taking over the world, and that’s why we’ve partnered with them for the World AeroPress Championships.


Since Acme and WAC already have a mutual-adoration for each other, our first project came together easily: Competition Cupping Bowls. We decided together to utilize the Acme competition cupping bowl, but adding some AeroPress flair. The first thing Jessica said to us was that she trusted our taste and didn’t want to be boring. “I did not expect to see anything even remotely corporate-looking come from you,” she said, regarding her anticipation of what the cupping bowls would look like.

We decided to use elements from an AeroPress poster created by one of our favorite designers, Brian W. Jones, of DCILY stardom. Brian made the 2015 Swedish AeroPress Championship poster with those fabulous judges pointy-fingers, and we figured it a perfect fit for the competition cupping bowls. Jessica said “I liked it immediately! It was important to honor the design by printing it well.” And oh, how they did. Get a load of these beauties – our 2016 Competition Cupping Bowls:



Acme & Co. developed their cupping bowls after an off-hand comment from a distributor who said he’d like to see something other than the same bouillon bowl that everyone used. To give you an idea of how much thought can go into the design of a seemingly simple cup, the Acme team worked together to come up with solutions for the problems with traditional cupping bowls. They decided to make the cups stackable, and made sure it fit SCAA [size and shape] protocols. “I love colour.” Jessica told us. “We put colour at the base to be helpful – to assist in triangulations.” The colored “dot” bases also work nicely for our competition purposes.

“The surprise has been how many people are using them for pourover and milk drinks. They’re really nice to sip from, and they fit the same saucer that our tulip, flat white, and cappuccino cup styles fit,” Jessica said. “We’ve started calling it the Universal Cup around the office.”

Acme has also announced a new product coming out soon: a diner-style mug that they call the Victory Mug. While you may find it a struggle to AeroPress into the rim of a classic diner mug, the Acme & Co. Victory mug was specially designed to take the entire contents of an AeroPress and be sturdy enough to stay upright as you press the coffee through.

We got to hang out with Jessica when she was asked to judge the 2015 New Zealand AeroPress Championship, and later when she attended the 2015 World AeroPress Championship in Seattle. “We had a great evening. The beer was delicious, the venue was beautiful, everyone’s spirits were high!” When we asked her if she AeroPresses herself? “It’s the first thing I pack in my bag when I travel or go camping!” And the WACs? “Well they’re a fantastic fit with our company ethos — we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We have a lot of laughs at Acme & Co. How can we not, our name makes so many people think of the Road Runner! Beep-beep has ended up as another way of us saying ‘Yes! I like it! Let’s do it!’”

Cheers, Jessica! And thank you, Acme & Co., for bringing all the bright and lively color to the WACs.

You can catch all the juicy gossip from Acme & Co. via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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