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N-WAC Off!

World Aeropress Championships

Fortunate WAC Time Keeping Photo : Gabe Rodriguez


Look out peoples, the NorthWest Aeropress Competition happened…

N-WAC OFF at Milstead & Co.

Sponsored by Milstead & Co. &

Friday, 27 January @ 7:30 PM

One of the simplest and easiest competitions around. Brew an Aeropress in 8 minutes and serve to three judges. Use any coffee you like. The tastiest cup wins it all.

Prize cavalcade includes: your winning recipes as a featured method on, Jennings CJ4000 scale, a line-up of coffees froM Heart Roasters, a line-up of coffees from Coava Coffee, an Able Disk stainless steel filter, and the title of N-WAC Champ.
To register as a competitor, go here:

For rules and details, go here:

Just remember :

The criteria is simple: Tastiest is the Winningest.

Two competitors will compete at once and present their cups to the judges.

In each round of the competition, the judges will point to the cup they think is the tastiest based on clarity, tastiness and excellence in extraction.

The winner of that round moves on.

The loser doesn’t have to go home, but they might be removed from the premises.

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