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Norwegian Aeropress Championships

National Aeropress Championships


As you may know, the Aeropress Championships were born in Oslo, specifically at Tim Wendelboe and the first World Aeropress Champion was but a humble home brewer of the name Anders Valde. His exact whereabouts are a delicious mystery, but it’s thought you can still spot him frequenting the best of the best coffee bars and roasters in Oslo.

Unlike the mysticism of Anders Valde, the 2014 Norwegian Aeropress Championship are alive and approaching. Oddly, there has never been a Norwegian national competition, but the committed folks at Kaffikaze have set the stage. Details at this point are scarce, but important details are as follows :

2014 Norwegian Aeropress Championships
The first ever NAC will be arranged by Kaffikaze in collaboration with Nordic Approach and Tim Wendelboe.

Location – Barista School, Tromsøgata 5b, 0565 Oslo, Norway
Time – 16:00, 22nd March, 2014

More details will follow. If you’re wanting to host a national Aeropress competition, please get in touch with WAC Headquarters.

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