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Part 2 : Why the hell would La Marzocco sponsor an AeroPress competition?

AeroPress Supporter World Aeropress Championships

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Paul Kelly, Sales & Marketing Manager at La Marzocco UK & Ireland

“The way people care about where they drink coffee and more importantly how they drink it has really changed and this in turn has pushed home brewing. People are hungry for knowledge they want to know where the coffee is from and how it’s been processed. They enjoy talking about coffee at dinner parties or when guests are around. They will make an AeroPress or V60 first thing in the morning or early evening. Brewing coffee at home is not a scientific experiment or a treat anymore! It’s becoming normal.

As a seller of traditional coffee machines some people may ask why are you supportive of home brewing, the simple answer is the more people understand great coffee the more they seek out specialty coffee shops, ask about different coffee farms and regions and enjoy a better experience from one of our espresso machines.”

Jets Anita Langlands copy

Jets Anita Langlands, National Sales & Marketing Coordinator at La Marzocco Australasia

“What I love most about the specialty coffee industry is the people involved in it, eclectic, diverse and most of all passionate. We are an industry that welcomes, encourages and values fresh thought, innovation and different points of view. This approach is present right through from farming techniques, equipment development, roasting methods and brew recipes.

La Marzocco is no exception to this, consistently over many years maintaining a drive for future thinking and improving coffee quality, keeping us a current and trusted name in specialty coffee worldwide.  Our involvement in the AeroPress competition strengthens that ideal, as embracing new methods alongside traditional methods encourages original and discerning thought around each and every cup… Long may we challenge what we think we know about coffee and push for something more, my complete inability to function without caffeine is indebted to it. “

Matt Lee copy

Matt Lee, Director of La Marzocco Korea

“La Marzocco has brought innovation and creativity to the evolution of espresso machines, along with cultivating a culture that people value. Related to this philosophy, AeroPress has shared similar values to bring stunning developments and great pleasure to the coffee community. In this term, the World AeroPress Championship is a fabulous event that people enjoy and can spread positive energy even to the general public. Being a part of this event makes me feel thrilled, excited and proud. “

Filippo Francini copy

Filippo Francini, Area Export Manager at La Marzocco

“We share the same spirit when dealing with coffee. We feel that same excitement towards the raw material while using different tools, different pressures and ratios for different results. It’s about experimenting with alternative extraction methods which can deliver the best qualities from the beans. It’s about relating to an open and friendly culture. During an event like WAC there is always lots of interesting people to meet, knowledges to share and memorable moments that make the stories of specialty coffee.”

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