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Polish Aeropress Championships

World Aeropress Championships

Polish Aeropress Championships

Fantastic new from Poland – they’re holding a national competition. Details as follows direct from Pawel Trzcinski :

Once upon a time a man from Poland unexpectedly took the first place in the 2nd WACs in 2009. His name was Lukasz Jura (10th place on WBC 2007). It was the beginning of alternative way to brew coffee in Poland. Subsequently, the AeroPress became more visible in Polish coffee shops in 2010.

In the 2011 Poland AeroPress Championships Pawel Trzcinski became a Champion. This success opened way for Pawel to represent Poland in the WACs in Milan. Since that time AeroPress is one of the fundamental brewers instruments in places with good coffee.

Big success of first AeroPress Championships encouraged baristas to organize another Championship.

The competition will be on the 27th of February at 10am  – the rules as per Milan WAC.

  • 6 rounds of 3 competitors for the preliminary rounds
  • 3 judges, which will choose the best coffee and the winner from each round will go through to the semi-finals
  • The 2 winners will go head to head in the final round
  • 8 minutes to prepare one coffee
  • Kenya will be the coffee of choice

Where will it happen? Ministerstwo Kawy – small, simple, friendly place in a Warsaw’s downtown, with a very good coffee and clever baristas ( Slawek “Coconuts” Saran 16th WBC 2008 )

More information here.

Who’s judging ?

–          Lukasz Jura – Warsaw School of Coffee (WAC 2009)

–          Blazej Stempin – Filtry Café (Polish Cup Taster Champion 2011)

–          Glen Gregory – Java Coffee Company (Cup of Excellence judge)

All the best to all the competitors.

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