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Amazing, isn’t it? A snap of the fingers and, out of nowhere, we magic up a forty-seven nation coffee making competition. Well, the reality is a just a touch more complicated than that.

In fact, in addition to the two of us there’s a veritable plethora of people that come together to make the World AeroPress Championship happen each year. Hosts, judges, competitors, volunteers, designers and, most importantly perhaps, the supporters who each pony up the time, resources and cash that helps us bring everything together.

WAC 2015_Event_1454

One of the reasons audiences don’t find themselves bored to tears at our events is that we don’t drone on about our sponsors ad infinitum. But we’re lucky to work with a great bunch of people, so over the coming months we’ll be introducing you to the people behind the brands — the actual individuals that we work with to make our competition happen.

But for now we’re very proud to announce that the 2016 World AeroPress Championship season is brought to you by…

 – Partners
Coffee  Cafe Imports
Roasting  Workshop Coffee
Cups  Acme & Co.

Party  La Marzocco
Grinder  Mahlkonig
Hardware  Bonavita

Water  Brita
Prizes  Baratza
Media  Sprudge

We probably could put on the championship without them, but trust us — it’d suck. And you’d be paying for your own drinks. So instead, join us in Dublin in June, and raise a glass in thanks.



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