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Super local Aeropress Competition in Japan!

World Aeropress Championships

Fantastic to see the first of the super local Aeropress championships underway… thanks to Strange Brew for the original post.
“Here is a Top 4 method at super local Aeropress championship in Tokyo.  We used same Ruwanda beans roasted from 7 days.  Also, this Championship is very open.  Some competitor is not professional for coffee industry but all of us really love and fun for coffee.
Champion: Kanji Ino’s Method
1:Grind 17g of coffee for just paper filter coffee.
2:Soak and rinse for filter. After that, attach filter and caps for chamber.
3:Put in coffee and pour hot water(sooner after boiling) until No.④.  It takes 13-15sec.
4:Stir for 10sec.
5:Coffee go down around No.③ because Brew from filter by itself.(this method is not upside down)  Therefore, add once more hot water until No.④
6:Press and serve.
This blog have a movie about Kanji’s method.
2nd Place: Kenji Kojima’s Method

1:Grind 17g coffee slightly finer than paper dripping.
2:Soak Filter and do Aeropress upside down.
3:put in coffee and pour hot water slowly.  Hot water temperature is 90℃.
4:Stir 7 times quickly.
5:Turn and press gently.
3rd Place : Toshiaki Ishii’s Method

1:Grind 20g coffee slightly finer than press.
2:Rinse filter.
3:Aeropress upside down.
4:Then, put in coffee and pour 2dl hot water.  Temperature is 88-89℃.
3:After 1min, stir 7-8sec.
4:Turn and Press use 20sec.  This method takes 2min for all.
4th Place : Nozomi Fushuku’s Method

1:Grind 17g coffee for just press.
2:Rinse filter.  Also, Aeropress upside down.
3:Put in coffee.  Then, pour hot water 70-80ml.  Temperature is 89℃.
4:Wait 20sec.
5:Add 130ml hot water.
6:Put Cap and filter.  Then press away air in chamber.
7:Wait 30sec.
8:Turn and press.  It takes 20sec.”

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