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Throwing back to Belfast, 2015.


Our good friends in Belfast, Mark and Bridgeen, are seemingly hell-bent on testing the old adage ‘better late than never’ to its fullest. To be fair, they’ve probably been just a little bit busy with their thriving business, their kids and posting great little messages like this on social media…

But with the 2016 Northern Ireland AeroPress Championship just around the corner, (details coming soon, please don’t write in) they’ve finally managed to get some footage from last year’s event online.


Established Presents the inaugural Northern Ireland AeroPress Championship, on March 19th 2015. Jonathan Hickinson triumphed on an exciting night for the growing coffee community in Northern Ireland. The competition was judged by James Bailey from Workshop Coffee, Bridgeen Barbour from Established Coffee, Daniel Henderson from Lost & Found and with Jan Komarek from Bailies Coffee acting as head judge.

For winning recipes, more info on sponsors and to find out about next year’s this year’s competition head over to

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