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World Aeropress Championships

Beautiful Aeropress Paper Filter Tree by Laura Harris
Beautiful Aeropress Paper Filter Tree by Laura Harris

This is the blog for the World Aeropress Championships, which will be held in London to coincide with the 2010 World Barista Championships.

The competition will be held on Wednesday 23rd June and Thursday 24th June.

Previously the WACs have been held in Oslo, Norway. Year on year the competition has built from a humble ‘garage’ arrangement to a full-blown stadium spectacular this year at the Brew Bar of the WBC in London.

The emphasis is on taste and having a bit of fun. Being able to brew a beautifully balanced cup is key – there are no presentation skills required, just to serve the sponsored coffee in it’s best light.

The rules are fairly straight forward, 5 judges will evaluate, purely based on taste, the best filter style brew from the Aeropress. We want the competition to be as transparent as possible, with the intention of fine tuning the hugely varied technique used to brew on the Aeropress.

Key your eye on this blog for updates on dates, times, the sponsor coffee, prizes and other ‘pressing’ matters…

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