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Wrap Up & Thanks

World Aeropress Championships

World Aeropress Champion Photo : Liz Clayton

Well what a fantastic time we all had… Congratulations to Marie Hagemeister who beat 24 other competitors to take home the Bronze Piston. Actually, not only did she surpass the 24 competitors in London, but she was triumphant in the 3 rounds required to win the Danish Aeropress Championships. A pretty impressive feat.

The finals were very closely fought. Fellow Dane Jeppe Hasager from Behag Din Smag, Jeff Verrellen from Coffee Nation in Belgium and Stian Horne from Kaffa in Norway were the worthy finalists. Judging was intense, all 4 brews were excellent – the judges were split down the middle for 1st and 2nd place, so I was given the task of selecting the winner. Marie’s cup only just topped Jeppe’s. Jeppe’s cup had concentration and a slightly more intense flavour, but Marie had balance and a beautifully clean and sweet finish.

The final standings were :

  1. Marie Hagemeister, Denmark
  2. Jeppe Hasager, Denmark
  3. Jeff Verrellen, Belgium
  4. Stian Horne, Norway
World Aeropress Finalists

There is no way we’d have been able to run the competition without the help of a few key people. The guys from Cream Supplies UK (the distributors of the Aeropress in the UK) especially Jonathan and Lee for helping to keep everything in order and for supplying the Aeropress. They were also great in getting some good media attention and making the super cool Aeropress t-shirts. Keep an eye on their new Aeropress box design!

To the wonderful James & Anette from Square Mile Roasters a huge thank you – as if you didn’t already have enough on! Without Anette, we’d have had no beautifully roasted, and specially labelled coffee for the comp. They were kind enough to not only donate the coffee for the comp, but they shipped coffee around the world to the 24 competitors. The lucky competitors also picked up a SQM cupping spoon and frisbee to boot!

Paul Stack and his Uber boiler technicians who were on board to field any questions from the competitors during comp time – it was great to be able to give the Ubers a real run for their money, as competitors were using all sorts of brew temps. The top 3 competitors were lucky enough to pick up some very generously donated Baratza grinders.

Thanks to all who volunteered their time to work on the WBC Brew Bar, especially Michael Elvin who was there to assist regardless of the obscurity of the requested help.

Stephen Leighton, thanks for the HasBean cupping cups we used for the event, they were perfect and it was most appreciated you lugged them all the way down to London for us.

The ever awesome Cindy Chang, who was there to help us through the initial stages of getting it all together for the Brew Bar – and thanks for having us!

Alex Tennant and Alan Adler over at Aerobie, thank you once again. The Bronze Pistons look amazing as usual. I look forward to the day we can actually have you there to judge for us Alan!

Thanks to my partner in crime, Tim Wendelboe, who was instrumental in bringing the competition from the garage arrangement to international super stage. Also for supplying the ‘Coffee with Tim Wendelboe’ book for the finalists.

Huge thanks to all the competitors who made the competition. It was great to see such an variety of countries involved – Australia, North America, England, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Greece… There were also some very memorable brew techniques involving all sorts of stuff. Computers, syringes, metal filters, paper filters, cloth filters, water from all over the world, timers, thermometers, scales, goggles, hot plates, hario products – and in one accidental case a different coffee altogether.

Aeropress Judges

Finally, to our super skilled cupping judges, thanks so much for letting us borrow your tongues and noses. The incredible team included an international array of coffee people including :

  • Tim Wendelboe from Tim Wendelboe, Oslo
  • Anette Moldvaer from Square Mile Rosters, London
  • Klaus Thompsen from The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen
  • Mike White from Shot Zombies, New York
  • Luis F Velez from Amor Perfecto, Bogota
  • Mark Dundon from Seven Seeds, Melbourne
  • Paul Stack from Marco Uber Project, Dublin
  • Alex Rushmer from Masterchef UK, London

Bring on Bogota and more national competitions for 2011!

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